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Goldfinger Midi SprayCoater System


Goldfinger Midi SprayCoater pipe coating equipment brings a new way to fix pipe related problems. Renovate old or deteriorated drains and sewers from 1-1/2” to 6” with the Midi SprayCoater System. The coating applied provides a damp-proof, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant and non-corrosive lining.


Coating with Midi SprayCoater System increases the lifespan of pipes. The material is resistant to pressure, detergents, chemicals and grease. Midi SprayCoater offers long-lasting corrosion and wear protection.

The epoxy used in Midi SprayCoater System is smooth, the slick surface also ensures minimal waste adhesion and improved flow capacity. 

Midi SprayCoater range of equipment covers pipe coating machines from light weight portable units to heavy-duty coating equipment.

Midi SprayCoater is truly a versatile piece of equipment for internal pipe repair. The Midi SprayCoater allows both brush and spray coating possibilities. The range of pipes renovation is 1 1/2" – 6”, lengths up to 50 feet.

Spectre is a heavy-duty SprayCoating equipment for professional use with a range of 1 ¼" – 12", capacity up to 131ft.

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BEFORE     |        AFTER


The Technician must clean the existing pipes before SprayCoating using Carbide Brushes or Cleaning Chains. The pipe must be flushed with water during the cleaning preparation to remove all debris.

The pipe must be dry before applying the Midi SprayPoxy applications - The drying process can be more time efficient using the Midi Spraypoxy Sewer Dryer.

Application with Midi SprayCoater

To begin the coating process, the Midi SprayCoater Coating Brush must be selected and attached to the head of the flexible shaft. If the pipe being repaired contains bends, it may be necessary to select a pair of brushes that are separated by a flexible link to ensure an even coating through the bends.

Attach the mixer nozzle and hose to the shaft just behind the brush assembly. The Midi SprayCoater CCTV camera head is also taped to the assembly just behind the delivery hose to allow the technician to see the coating operation in progress.

The coating operation is started at the end of the pipe farthest from the access point. SprayPoxy Resin is then pumped into the pipe and brushed on to the wall as the applicator and hose assembly is pulled towards the pipe opening.

This is repeated over the length of the pipe being coated, until the brush assembly reaches the access point. Subsequent layers can be coated approximately in 30-minute intervals.




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