Future of Pipe Coating

Goldfinger Midi SprayCoater System was developed to serve professionals looking to solve aging-pipe related problems in North America. Whatever the problem is, Goldfinger Midi SprayCoater can provide complete solutions. We specialize in small-diameter pipe rehabilitation using advanced coating technologies.

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It's Quick

Mobile Goldfinger Midi SprayCoater equipment allows you to work more efficiently.

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It’s Customer-Oriented

The short duration of renovation makes it customer-friendly. Structures can be renovated in one day.

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It’s Easy

There is no need for excavation or opening of walls and floors.

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It’s Cost Effective 

Competitively priced materials, efficient installation allows for cost savings.

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It’s Environment Friendly.

No dust or hazardous waste.

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Technical Support

When it comes to service, you can count on the Paramount technical support team to take care of your every need.




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