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The Midi SprayCoater cleans, coats and inspect the pipes.
Handy equipment for pipe rehabilitation - can be used for brush or spray coating.

Midi SprayCoater is equipped with a high-quality inspection camera that provides visual aid before, during and after the application.

The Midi SprayCoater utilizes SprayCoater Epoxy cartridge 4lbs each.

Adjustable rotation speed and direction

  • Suitable for 110V and 230V

  • Emergency stop

  • 1 ½” – 6", capacity up to 50ft

  • Weight 46lbs

  • Length 24"

  • Height 20"

  • Width 9"

  • Electric cable 107"


Be sure to remove all scale, grease, dust and any other debris from the pipe before coating.

Preparation is key for accomplishing a quality finished application. You will find all you need from SprayCoating Cleaning equipment series to succeed.

During the cleaning and prep process, flush simultaneously with water.

For cleaning plastic pipes, use SprayCoater Carbide Brushes.

Pipe must be completely dry prior to SprayPoxy application. To speed up the process, use the SprayCoater Pipe Dryer. 

Inspect the final results with the SprayCoater Mini Pipe Inspection System Camera.

Application with Goldfinger Midi SprayCoater

Select the right brush size for the pipe. Always use a brush one pipe size larger than the pipe to be coated.

Note: Although one brush can be used in a straight pipe, dual brushes are required for pipes with bends or transitions.


2'' SprayCoater Coating Brush - 1.5'' pipe
3 5/32'' SprayCoater Coating Brush - 2'' pipe
4 1/3'' SprayCoater Coating Brush - 3'' pipe
5'' SprayCoater Coating Brush - 4'' pipe


Pipe size 1.5 inches use spray head Mini with correct centralizer
Pipe size less than 2.75 inches use spray head Small with correct centralizer
Pipe size greater than 2.75 inches use spray head Normal with correct centralizer

The coating operation is started at the end of the pipe farthest from the access point. Resin is then pumped into the two separate supply lines and mixed at the tip as it is distributed onto to the interior pipe surface. The resin is then brushed evenly onto the interior of the pipe.

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