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Repair Diameters 2" - 6"

SPECTRE DRAIN PATCH REPAIRS are an economical and practical “no dig” solution to repair small diameter residential and commercial buildings sanitary sewer pipes with partial structural deterioration, misalignment, or cracking.  The SPECTRE DRAIN PATCH REPAIRS provide a jointless renovation and add structural integrity to isolated sections of damaged pipe that do not require full pipeline rehabilitation. Short sections of damaged pipe can be quickly repaired in a few hours, without the need for expensive and disruptive excavation.

Our Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) SPECTRE DRAIN PATCH REPAIR system combines high strength epoxy resins and fiberglass carrier material to provide a true “no-dig” structural repair, adding structural integrity to damaged pipe sections and virtually eliminating infiltration at the repaired area.

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When To Use Spectre Drain Patch Repair and Their Benefits

  • Spectre Drain Patch Repair is a Localized structural repair alternative for 2’ – 4” pipes that seals cracks and holes and provides a smooth interior with tapered ends. It also reduces the resistance caused by offset joints. The Spectre Drain Patch Repair increases the flow of solids and liquids. This in turn helps to prevent future blockages in a problem drain.

  • The Spectre Drain Patch Repair prevents further root growth or water infiltration by sealing the pipe internally and restoring the structural stability to the pipe. This method is successfully used worldwide to seal pipes with water infiltration.

  • If there are multiple defects in a pipe, a judgement needs to be made as to whether multiple patches or a full-length liner is appropriate. The decision is normally made by balancing the relevant costs of further degradation in the areas that would not be repaired by patching.

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