DC MAXI FLEX is PARAMOUNT’s powerful cutter for cutting, milling and grinding pipes from 100–300 mm diameter, regardless of material and regardless of whether the pipe is straight or has bends.

DC MAXI FLEX is a flexible, advanced cutter, developed and refined by DANCUTTER and focused on reliability, simplicity and saving time for our customers. The cutter can be operated by just one person who easily sets up the cutter in a few minutes, does the work, and quickly moves on to the next task.

The cutters are 100% Made in Denmark and, at PARAMOUNT, we take pride in the systems we offer to meet the exact needs of our customers. If you have a special requirement, don’t hesitate to contact PARAMOUNT, as we can surely find a solution for you, too.


DC MAXI FLEX takes a few minutes to set up: the wheeled stainless-steel frame – holding the supply hoses, control unit and cutter – is driven up to the work site. The cutter is connected to the supply hose, and air and power are connected to the system. The cutter is inserted into the pipe up to its working position. The hose has a reach of up to 231 Feet.


DC MAXI FLEX is easy to operate using the two joystick on the frame-mounted control unit. A 12.1” color display is built into the control unit’s lid, providing a sharp, precise image of the cutter’s position. The milling motor’s rotation and functions – such as raising, lowering and running back and forth – are operated from the control panel.

An automatic feeder and slip ring are built into the frame so the supply hose can be smoothly moved back and forth during the work. The cutter is also equipped with a built-in slip ring which enables

DC MAXI FLEX 70M & UAG50 Angled Air Motor / Part # 080770 & Part # 080211

$94,950.00 U.S.

DC MAXI FLEX Toolbox gold upgrade adds:

DK5025-16 Carbide cutting head 50x25mm - 10 stk

DKA1019 Diamond head 46x47mm - 1 psc.

DD70M8A Diamond head 70mm, Axial - 1 psc.

DD75M8 Diamond head 75mm - 1 psc.

DD9024 Bolt for DD9025 - 1 psc.

DD9025 Cutting disc70x10mm - 1 psc.

080570 Air motor AG100 - 1 psc.

080574 Air motor UG65 - 1 psc.

050717 Extension cable 6M - 1 psc.

F85019 Air motor G38 - 1 psc.

F85026 Key for Air motor UG65 - 1 psc.


$7,650.00 U.S.