COVID19 - Various Coverages That Will/Might Cover Corona Related Claims

The list of coverage possibilities is very encouraging and could save small businesses AND JOBS!!!  This really BRIGHTENED MY DAY.

The rapidly-changing situation involving the coronavirus pandemic is a cause of concern for many of our clients. As part of our commitment to helping our clients and partners navigate this pandemic, McGriff has launched a Coronavirus Advisory Series, an ongoing series of on-demand presentations designed to help support our clients during this event.

The web-based presentations are available on-demand, meaning you and your teams may watch them at any time that is convenient for you. Below you will find descriptions and links to first recordings in our Coronavirus Advisory Series. We will continue to add to this library as new information becomes available.

Coronavirus Advisory Series

§ Property & Casualty Coverage Considerations. Join Aarti Soni, Jillian Butts and Shane Sumrall of McGriff’s Executive Risk Advisors, in partnership with Kirk Pasich and Peter Halprin of the Pasich Law Firm for a discussion of the pandemic’s impact to coverages including Event Cancellation, Property, General Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance.

§ COVID-19 – Managing Risks in the Workplace. Sonya Conner and John Moore of   McGriff Risk Solutions discuss control measures that employers can implement - based on specific occupational exposures- to reduce the impact of the outbreak, recommendations from OSHA, and  practical guidance for managing an outbreak in the workplace.

§ COVID-19: HR and Employee Benefit Challenges.  Anne Hensley, Laura Clayman, and Christy Showalter from McGriff Employee Benefit Specialty Practices discuss implications for employee benefit plan sponsors including HR and Leave policies, HIPAA and Protected Health Information, as well as impacts on High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts.