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3ft PinchRoller with the Vacuum/Air system

Our latest and greatest system development.

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Paramount introduces the only fully automatic 3-foot long CIPP impregnation table that provides portability, innovative design, and user-friendly operation.

The compact CIPP impregnation pinch roller table system is portable and can be transported in a trailer, or truck. Paramount’s unique design makes for easy liner wet-out using the PREMIER AVS25 air/vacuum system unit. The PREMIER SERIES ET803 is ideal for small crews wetting out short and longer liners.

PREMIER SERIES ET803 foot peddle allows for hands-free operation.

Additional features include:

  • Built-In Gap Setting Display

  • Speed Directional Switch

  • Foot Peddle Control

  • Models for 110V and 230V

  • Removable Control Unit with 5FT Cable

  • Emergency Stop

  • Roller Table Length 3 Feet

  • Table Rollers Width 20.5 Inches

  • Table Height (Minus Wheels) 35 Inches

  • 4 Swivel Lock-Out Wheels

  • PREMIER AVS25 Air/Vacuum System Unit

  • PREMIER Vacuum Heads VH2, VH3, VH4, VH6 and VH8

  • PREMIER Vacuum Lead Hose VLH

  • PREMIER Vacuum Line VL



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