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Can I ask you a question??

If I can help you grow your business - would you buy more materials from us?



Okay.. I'm intrigued!!

I love working with successful installers. When I said earlier that if you don't see something that fits your needs, get in touch with us. I mean it!

I love those that are hardworking and in the field every day - because we are in the field working every day too. Some of our partners purchase from us because we were not afraid to put their branding on a new inversion machine after they asked. 

But wait... there's more!!

Why are we loyal to you?? 

A question I get all the time is.. "How do I get the job without being the cheapest?"

The simple answer to that is.. BE THE BEST!!

Then, when you find someone that buys value. Profile the buyer. 

Figure out where they live. Profile the buyer and advertise to that specific buyer. 


If you focus on residential.. Look for the customers with the same pipes and same profile. 

When you find a customer that buys value. It's almost guaranteed that the surrounding area will have the same type of customer, with the same type of pipes, that are the same age and in the same condition. 

This is key to not having to be the lowest priced person. 

On average - we are able to help our partners go from charging an average of $150/ft to $300/ft.

I'll even show you how I use Zillow as a massive prospecting tool. I can find other houses stuck on slabs - with cast iron - that flow from the washer to the middle of the house - then down the driveway to the city sewer.

Then I go in and talk to the existing person about what's under their home - when all the other contractors are only selling lateral liners from the edge of the house to the street. They don't even look into the slab for reinstatements - a lot of times because they don't know how to use robotic cutters or how to sell it. 

Robotic cutters are money-making machines as well! I can train you on the robotics side - how to use it, how to sell it, how to maintain it, and all the good things that come with it! 



Well here we are.. still chatting!! I love it!

What else.. what else?!

I can talk some more! 

I'll talk to a tree if I have to!

I've had some of our partners let me look through their previous monthly invoices and show them lots of ways to drop their costs. Our partners let me look at their data - I LOVE THE DATA!  That's the main reason for my success in the pipe lining industry thus far.

Now it's not just me. I have a team of insanely awesome industry veterans I work with every day. Our warehouse staff is second to none. And also, when it came to one of our partners, it actually became none. 

We went from shipping 3 times a month - to "Why would you pay for shipping three times a month?"

Let me erase the shipping, brand your liner, and pour off resin as needed by skipping our warehouse completely and teaching you how to become your own warehouse. Then the product goes straight from the manufacturer to you. All at our same negotiated price. The more we save, the more YOU save!

This way - you get your name on the liner and products - and it's not likely you will go to another competitor. So we both win. 


So I've talked about a few things that have worked. This really is just the tip of the iceberg. Just the tip.

We have a whole suite of things we work on in the back end as well. Our brand experience team builds videos, funnels, publishing deals, content and a number of other omnipresent brand awareness campaigns. But we don't do marketing. Marketing is an ugly word that will cost you tons of money to find out you can't track it's a data, and remember what I said earlier? - I LOVE THE DATA!! 

This is why one of our partners is working at Harvard right now. The maintenance department thinks they found them, but they were actually targeting them before Harvard knew they had a problem. 

We focus on earned media and organic creative strategies. We try and stick to attracting customers who are actively in need of pipe lining services. 

Along with the experienced technical advice we offer to those who partner up with us. We are open to showing you our proven methods of obtaining and keeping customers. We are happy to work with your sales team initially to get things moving in a better direction. 


As promised. Below is our contact form. Feel free to click on Dr. No Dig at any time on our site to get back here. 


Feel free to submit any questions you may have. Upload any picture or video link for us to look at.  

We are here to help take your business to our Paramount Level Of Success! Because we know it better than anyone. Real success - is never an accident. It is a culmination of the hard work and determination put in by our working service industry that pushes this trenchless pipe lining community to the limit.

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