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DC MINI BIKE - Dia. 50-75mm - 2"-3"

Product Numbers: 

DC MINI BIKE - Dia. 50-75mm - 2"-3"

040710 DC MINI BIKE 1M/328 FEET 

040720 DC MINI BIKE 2M/6.56 FEET 

040730 DC MINI BIKE 3M/9.84 FEET 

040740 DC MINI BIKE 4M/13.12 FEET 

040750 DC MINI BIKE 5M16.40 FEET 

040760 DC MINI BIKE 6M/19.70 FEET 

040770 DC MINI BIKE 7M/23.00 FEET 

040780 DC MINI BIKE 8M/26.32 FEET 

040790 DC MINI BIKE 9M/29.61 FEET 

DC MINI BIKE is DANCUTTER’s flexible solution for grinding and milling inside narrow pipes of 50–70 mm diameter inside buildings, no matter if the pipe is made of PVC materials, cement, concrete, cast iron or steel. We have transferred the principle design of a bicycle handlebar to the operation of DC MINI BIKE. This simply puts you in good contact with the cutter which turns side- ways, up and down when you turn the handlebar and operate the two handles. You completely control the work process, no matter if the cutter has to fit through one or more bends in the pipe.

DC MINI BIKE passes easily through a 45-degree bend in a Dia.50 mm pipe and through multiple 90-degree bends in a 75 mm diameter pipe.

DC MINI BIKE comes with a supply hose in the length you prefer, from 1 to 9 metres. If you have a special requirement, don’t hesitate to contact as we can surely find a solution for you, too.

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