Product Number: DCSUPERFLEX-CU

DC SUPER FLEX is steered with two joysticks from the control unit.

A 12.1” colour display is built into the control unit’s lid, providing a sharp, precise image of the cutter’s position. You can switch between images from the cutter’s own camera or an external camera, and you can also reverse the image so it mirrors your movements.

The milling motor’s rotation and functions – such as raising, lowering and running back and forth – are operated from the control unit. The spray nozzle for cleaning the camera is also operated from the control unit.

The control unit has inlet and outlet sockets for connecting a video, computer, external camera and VR goggles (optional accessory). An extension cable (in the length you prefer up to 15 metres) is also available as an optional accessory; it enables you to stand holding the control unit almost anywhere.


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