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Centering Tool Set Dia. 150 mm for DC SUPER FLEX

Product Number: 050726

Centering Tool Set Dia. 150 mm for DC SUPER FLEX If you intend to frequently operate the DC SUPER FLEX in pipes with a diameter of Dia.150 mm, then you can attach DANCUTTER’s centering tool set (optional accessory). The centring tool set keeps the cutter centred in the pipe and ensures that it operates with equal precision all the way round.

Naturally, DC SUPER FLEX’s centring tool set also meets our high requirements for ensuring that the cutter is flexible yet simple to set up and operate. The brass slide bushing in the rotating centring ring ensures that the cutter continues to operate unimpeded with a 360-degree continuous rotation, even when the centring tool set is mounted. At the same, the wheels on the centring tool set make it much easier to push the cutter out to remote distances. Clear labelling shows exactly where to attach the centring tool set and ensures proper use and prolongs the service life of the cutter.

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