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Paramount - Customer Care Principals

Earning the business of our customers by delivering extraordinary customer care at the right margins.



I make it easy for our customers to do business with us.

☛ I listen well

☛ I communicate knowledgeably, clearly and correctly.

☛ I am part of a seamless Paramount team working for the benefit of the customer



I recognize our customers.

☛ I take pride in what I do and show enthusiasm to my customer.
☛ I care about my customers and connect with them.
☛ I acknowledge my customersʹ relationships with Paramount and demonstrate that I know their interactions.
☛ I express personal concern for any lapse in service, real or perceived.



I solve our customers' problems, even if the rules don’t offer a clear resolution.

☛ I own my customersʹ problems and see them through to resolution.

☛ I speak on the behalf of my customers when rules and policies don’t make sense.

☛ I explain why.

Delivering extraordinary customer care….Paramount

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